Insurance companies don't like paying claims to injured people.

Our job is to help you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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We’re real people helping our community take on the insurance companies because we don’t like how they treat people. That’s why we treat each case as if it was a friend, loved one or neighbor (the nice kind) being taken advantage of.


We have over 82 years of combined experience between the three attorneys at Schiff Gorman. You’re just starting to know who we are, but the insurance companies are well aware of our relentless approach to each case.


We’ve won over $100 million dollars for our clients. We’re happy to see the hardworking people of Chicago receive what they rightfully deserve, but each case won is a reminder to the insurance companies that we don’t stand for corporate greed.


Swift and thoughtful action is required after a car crash – and effective legal representation can often make the difference when seeking compensation for the harm and loss that results.

Auto insurance companies are motivated to limit any recovery for crash victims. Because of this corporate greed, victims often fail to understand their rights to just compensation.

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Although Chicago and the surrounding suburbs like to tout themselves as “Bike Friendly,” building dedicated bicycle lanes with street signs and lights, collisions occur every day.

Because the issues presented by bicycle accidents are often different from those of car collisions, the experienced lawyers at SCHIFF GORMAN can help you understand your rights and provide you with the experience necessary to successfully navigate

Medical accidents and errors often result in catastrophic, life-changing injuries. Victims of medical negligence, and their families, deserve to receive full compensation. The law in Illinois is clear. All healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses and hospitals, must be reasonably careful in the services they provide to patients. Medical malpractice is defined as a healthcare provider’s failure act consistent with the “standard of care.” In other words, if a doctor or hospital fails to act as a reasonably careful healthcare practitioner would do under the same circumstances, they are medically negligent.


An attorney’s breach of fiduciary duty may arise from a variety of circumstances including conflicts of interest, failure to abide by the client’s direction and failure to keep the client fully informed. As in a negligence claim, establishing proximate cause is essential to the success of such a claim. Breach of fiduciary claims generally forego the right to a jury trial.

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